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INSIIDE Track is a monthly newsletter that focuses on the bigger picture scenario in the markets and our world. INSIIDE Track incorporates cyclical, technical & fundamental analysis on financial & economic factors as well as geopolitical, natural & social influences. It is utilized by futures & options traders as well equity & ETF traders, gold, silver & gold stock traders and a host of other investors interested in honing the timing of their entry and exits in the markets.


INSIIDE Track begins by reviewing the longer-term cycles and how they could affect the markets in the months & years to come. INSIIDE Track then shifts focus to the intermediate outlook (1 - 3 month and 3 - 6 month), incorporating subjective analysis (like cycles, Elliott Wave, Fibonacci & Gann analysis) with objective trading indicators (2 Close Reversals™, 2-Step Reversals™, MAC/MARC/AMACs™ , Double-Key™ & Turn-Key Reversals™, etc.) to provide a balanced and comprehensive perspective on the markets.

When applicable, trading strategies are provided for either/both long-term investors as well as intermediate traders. The goal of INSIIDE Track trading strategies is NOT to catch every move in the market, but rather to choose the perceived highest probability, lowest perceived risk trades based on a proprietary combination of indicators. These strategies are selectively chosen and only represent a portion of the possible trades and action in each market.

As such, specific analysis does NOT always lead to corresponding 'system trades' if a proper entry signal - with prudent risk parameters - does not present itself. These trading strategies are aimed at traders who have learned to treat trading as a business... not simply as a source of excitement.

Just as most businesses focus on only a few opportunities or products at any given time (those deemed to be the best choice and with the highest profit-potential or market-appeal at that point in time), so, too, does our approach to trading select only those trades that are perceived to have the best potential.

The goal is not to overtrade, but to accurately trade!


INflation Markets / Stock Indexes / Interest Rates / U.S. Dollar / Energy Complex

As the acronym INSIIDE conveys, INSIIDE Track covers INflation Markets (Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, Palladium, Soybeans, Wheat, Corn, Sugar, Cotton, Coffee, Cattle, Hogs, Lumber and other special situation commodity markets), Stock Indices (DJIA, S+P 500 & Nasdaq 100 as well as many global indexes), Interest Rates markets (30-Year Bonds, 10-Year Notes and Eurodollars), the U.S. Dollar & foreign currencies (Dollar Index, Euro, Japanese Yen w/sporadic focus on British Pound, Canadian & Australian Dollars, etc.), and the Energy Complex (Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Heating Oil & Unleaded Gas).


INSIIDE Track also examines the international and political arena from a cyclic perspective and covers cycles in earth disturbances (earthquakes, volcanoes & tsunamis), climate cycles (global warming & cooling, hurricanes & extreme storms) and sunspots - all of which have been shown to have a powerful influence on human emotional swings, including speculative & investment activity.

One example, in 1999 - mid-2001, involved Eric's perpetual focus on - and projections for - war cycles to explode in August - October 2001. That analysis received much attention and ushered in a period of global instability. These cycles will have ramifications for many years to come and are related to War Cycles that converge again in 2021!

Trading DetailsIntra-month Updates


The INSIIDE Track Intra-month Update is an intervening update - focused on our primary markets & geared to bridge the gap between issues of the monthly INSIIDE Track newsletter. It is updated by 9:00 PM (Central Time) around the 5th, 12th & 22nd of each month (specific dates for each month's IT Update are provided in the preceding IT Update AND in the Re-Cap section of the preceding issue of INSIIDE Track) and on any day the DJIA closes more than 200 points in either direction.


The Intra-month Update focuses on the 3-5 week & 1-3 month trends, trading strategies and analysis and is also able to convey any intra-month changes or updates much quicker than the monthly newsletter - when it can still be capitalized on - for those intermediate term traders that want to stay in a little closer touch with the markets (while still focusing on the bigger picture trends & cycles).

Trading Strategy

Since not all INSIIDE Track newsletter subscribers opt to also subscribe to the Intra-month Update, any trading strategies provided in the monthly newsletter are distinct from those in the Intra-month Update and are treated differently. This is to take into consideration the fact that newsletter-only subscribers will not be receiving the more timely updates available in the Intra-month Update.

As a result, Intra-month Update trading strategies will frequently be exited quicker than those given in the newsletter since closer touch is maintained with the markets. This also means that stops given for newsletter-based traders are often wider (involving more risk but allowing a larger buffer to prevent premature whipsaws) than those given or revised in the Intra-month Update.

So, a reader should choose appropriately and be careful to treat apples as apples and oranges as oranges. Do not mix the strategies in the various publications unless you are attempting to provide a diversity of time frames in your portfolio (in which case both strategies can be followed and adhered to according to each set of distinct parameters).